Organizations rapidly adjust headcount the moment orders slow. As early as last June, the statistics on Monster, CareerBuilder, and other job boards began to show a decline in postings and traffic. The number of jobs listed on corporate career sites also declined, indicating less demand.

Now is the time for recruiters to be be sensitive to what management is thinking, how orders are shaping up, what the sales team is projecting, and then adjusting their own efforts accordingly. Click here for five specific actions you can take to increase the odds of surviving, and even thriving, in this down economy.


Primary research involves the collection and evaluation of data that doesn’t already exist. What are your employees thinking? How do your benefits compare with competitors? What ad campaigns resonate with potential candidates? How do prospective employees perceive your company? This type of information will help you to make better decisions and ultimately maximize your advertising budget.

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Primary Research Overview
Online Surveys
Focus Groups