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Bayard Advertising has worked diligently for over eight decades to secure its ideal position in the recruitment advertising industry. While we are not the largest agency in the nation, we are a highly regarded boutique organization specializing in recruitment and employee communications. We are committed to providing personalized and responsive service, talented in developing creative campaigns, adept at expediting the fastest turnaround times, and experienced in utilizing multifaceted media.

Since 1923, we have anticipated and actively participated in the metamorphosis of our industry. We defined our field by creating innovative methods of bringing our client’s messages to the marketplace. Our accounts applauded our pioneering spirit and new clients sought out our services

Today, we are one of the most respected and highly regarded agencies in the country and we remain one of the few privately owned corporations in the industry. We continue to take pride in being a full-service solutions provider, offering many unique services in the areas of candidate sourcing and H.R. process management, as well as the more traditional recruitment advertising, marketing and communication functions.